New-Gen Classic 350cc

The new range of motorcycles from the popular motorcycle brand is the Royal Enfield – Classic 350. The motorcycle is a part of the Vintage category introduced by the brand. It has been redesigned and is more sporty, with a look and a feel that are not very different from a Harley. The company claims that this bike is faster, better and lighter than any of the competitor bikes in its category. In addition, the company claims that it is also more comfortable, making riding experience a good one.

The new range of bikes from the royal enfield classic 350 are available in two variants – the regular version and the limited-production limited edition. The basic version starts from Rs 14 lakh and the limited production model can go up to twenty-eight lakhs, both are powered by the same engines, but have different options and different extras like suspension, body kits and tyres. If you want to buy the bike, you can go for either option and get it in your possession within a couple of days. In case of any problem, they will always be there to sort out things for you.

The basic version of the royal enfield classic 350cc is in fact a cruiser bike. It has a lower ground clearance, but otherwise looks just like a normal motorcycle, with an angular appearance. The tank is made of aluminium and there are single and dual seat cocks, side bags, instrument panel, battery storage and cooling system. It has non-functioning headlights and tail lamps, no mud flaps, no sissy bar and no turn signal lights.

Like all other models of the range, the new royal enfield classic 350cc is available in three variants. The first one is the so-called ‘standard variant’, in which all the specifications are similar to the standard model, with the exception that there are some slight variations in the engine, the suspension and the body kit. There is also a fuel tank option in place of the rear tank. The second variant is the’Deluxe variant’ which adds things like a side step bars, a stronger battery, faster throttle response, HID headlights with stronger light and smoother gear change.

The third and last variant is the’VIP’ version which comes with extra goodies such as HID headlamps, bigger battery, HID tail lamps, chrome exhaust, front & rear disc brakes, cruise control, leather trimmed seats, HID graphic helmet and a leather paddock. For those who are looking for something more special, there is also a ‘GX version’ of the classic 350cc. This comes with a stronger motor, more power and added accessories like HID tail lamps and a chrome exhaust. It comes with a hefty price tag of about twenty-nine thousand rupees.

For those who want to upgrade the parts, they can either go for the standard or the Deluxe versions. The most important addition made by the company with the Deluxe version is the fuel injection system. Under the fuel injection system, a two-stroke injection system is used to give power to the pistons of the bike. It helps in increasing the top speed of the bike. The standard Royal Enfield motorcycle has been made with a three-stroke fuel injection system.

The company claims that this fuel system gives higher performance, but it may not be able to give the bike a powerful enough start. Another factor that affects the performance of the bike is the kind of fuel that is used. If you are going to purchase a bike, it is better to buy the fuel injected bike because the former produces more power and also pumps fuel effectively. The standard version of the bike uses normal gas to pump fuel. The performance of the bike depends on the amount of gas that is pumped by the motor.

One of the major problems faced by the new-gen classic 350cc model is the low top speed. The company has offered some solutions to this problem by making the motor have a stronger kick. In addition, the motor is also developed to improve the horsepower without affecting the top speed significantly. One thing that you need to check out before buying the bike is whether it has received any service and how many times it has since been serviced.

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