The Latest Teaser Image of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Tundra

The new Toyota Tacoma is part of the new wave of compact family vehicles. The name of the vehicle has a lot in common with the way we speak about the current state of the economy, and that is, “a whole lot of nothing.” Yet, this new truck from Toyota will set you back just a bit of change compared to some of the recent minivan offerings. Is it worth it? Well, let’s find out.

One way that the new Tacoma differs from some other trucks on the market today is in its powertrain setup. For starters, it uses a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine developing 300 horsepower at the wheels. This power is channeled through a sporty suspension set up on both the front and rear wheels. A sporty dual-zone transmission with manual shift and braking are also featured on the new tundra.

In addition to the powerful engine, the truck uses a potent diesel injected gasoline engine with variable valve timing to give it the ability to hit a constant and aggressive speed. That is why the entire truck features a two-pipe exhaust system. Another innovation is found on the front end of the truck. A new, twin-pipe exhaust system is featured which functions as an exhaust pipes for the twin-turbocharged engine.

As we have seen with other recent Toyota pickups, the new sedan also features a number of high-tech innovations and features. For one thing, the front and rear suspensions are set up on different angles than what we see with other full-size pickups. This allows the driver to have better control over the vehicle. For another, it allows for a higher clearance, greater steering control, and improved stability while driving.

Toyota’s design of the new iforce Max crossover has many new features as well, and it features one very special component: the moonroof. The moonroof, a high-end feature for sedans, allows for the driver to be able to open the roof during a rainstorm to allow more fresh air in. It also includes a high-tech sound system complete with dual subwoofers. That is why the 2021 Toyota Tacoma tundra is considered a full-size truck.

Other features on the new Tacoma include an easy access hard-side trunk with height adjustable clamps, power door mirrors with automatic adjustment, and a power rear window defrost system. Other accessories on this truck include a front seat that are fully Power Postured, Power-Locked Front Seat, Power Vehicle Lowering Springs, Tilt/ Telescoping Steering column, Vehicle Stability Assist, Traction Control, Auto Lift System, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System. And, of course, the most important part of a truck is its inside. The new iforce inside boasts of an eight-way power fold opening, cargo space that easily accommodates six people, a truck bed that is fully boxed, and an easy to reach power folded trunk.

On the interior, the new force layout continues to be loaded with features. Power locking passenger seats are standard, as are available cargo containers in both rear and forward positions. Toyota’s interior design team even added a new high-contrast finish to their design, which adds to the futuristic nature of the new Toyota Tacoma tundra.

The new truck also features standard dual zone climate control, standard radio, CD player, satellite radio, and a touch pad with voice recognition capability. For the ultimate in off-roading fun, a real pedal start is included, as is a remote start. And, for ultimate fun, there is a Mercedes-Benz customizing option that allows users to replace the front grill with a black bed liner and stainless steel grills. A few of the most notable upgrades on the inside include a high-end digital menu system, upgraded floor pan, and a cutting-edge glovebox that provide users with complete control over the truck’s functions.

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