The Psychology of Car Color

One of the most important steps when thinking of buying a car is to decide the colour.

They say as much about you – and your lifestyle – as the shades you choose… A bright red sends out a loud statement, soothing blues quietly project a relaxed, carefree manner.


The colour of your car tells us a lot about you – at one extreme, the red sports car, to the dark luxury sedan at the other. Your colour choice might tell us something about who you are or might provide some insight about personality traits that might be concealed otherwise.

People driving yellow cars are seen as more cheerful and dynamic, whereas those driving light blues are seen as more reliable and relaxed. Blue shades are still associated with being intelligent, so it isn’t surprising that these drivers tend to favour more rational ways to live life.

There is a lot to be uncovered upon noticing the colour of your car. That’s right, your car’s colour says a lot more about you than you may know. The colour of your car indicates your personality, and vice-versa. So, to get an instant insight into your character, have a look at the chart below to see just what your car colour says about you.


It is not only your transport but extends to your personality, your style, with a distinctive colour that broadcasts your individuality: your red sports car to your black sleek sedan.

Of course, resale value, as well as trendiness, enter the picture, but the varying psychological meanings associated with specific hues disclose fascinating nuances about the individuals at the wheel – whether pumped by red, soothed by blue – that provide tantalising clues to their personalities and ways of life.

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Extroverts enjoy meeting strangers, and talking with them about their interests and ideas. Socialising and communicating are often the energisers of the extrovert in the workplace, at social gatherings, or even on the golf course. Extroverts tend to feel comfortable and confident meeting new people, as well as leading small or large groups of people – mostly because introducing themselves is so easy for them.

There is a range for extroversion, so some of us have aspects of not just introverted traits but also extraverted traits; if you are more introverted, however, you can train your inner extrovert to roll up its drawbridge and see how often joining groups can be tolerated for longer stretches.

Few mistakes you can make can be forgiven. The few exceptions are driving a nice, red car: that means I am overqualified for a boring life. Of course, all other drivers will see you as someone who takes risks. They even switch lanes faster when they can see you pass.


Orange and yellow cars have been linked with being happy and positive – people who drive such brightly coloured cars are spontaneous, energetic and fearless personalities; the life and soul of every party! And when you’re driving their car you won’t be stopping for speed cameras either!

Those who prefer grey cars are rather mature, with a tendency to be a responsible person who usually adopting a more conservative attitude, rather than challenge the mainstream. They are more willing to blend into the crowd. Their car colour usually will not get much thought – most of the time it is just a tool they use for transport; it is not a status symbol.

People who choose to drive black cars tend to crave status and respect, and feel turned on by groups of people, who they find stimulating and interesting.


Car colours reveal a lot more about us than meets the eye; different shades are actually sending coded signals. Studies show that red cars say: ‘I’m confident and passionate in life’; silver cars say: ‘I’m elegant and sophisticated’; what you thought was just a car colour is really hot information about yourself! You don’t know what your car colour says about you – but what it reveals about you is a lot more than you’ve ever imagined.

Anyone driving a green car is likely perceived as caring, as compassionate, as someone who shares a deep connection with nature, an explorer of ideas, and car owners who drive green are also most likely viewed as open-minded, welcoming of diverse ideas and ideals.

And critically, one may often like different colours for cars at different times in one’s life, as the life experiences and personality traits that one has, or doesn’t have, at a given age change. See how eTags(c) saves time and money by making DMV renewals and title transfers affordable and painless!

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