Tips For Finding Reliable Auto Repair Shops Near You

People might spend a lot of time and consideration in choosing the right car for them, but very little attention and effort do they commit to identifying a good repair shop when they need to have their car maintained or fixed. There are a number of strategies to identify a good auto repair shop including asking friends, neighbours or searching online reviews.

Another good idea is to look out for stores that offer a warranty on their on-site repairs; this could be a sign that they have faith in their work and trust their skills.

Get Referrals

In order to have marketing success, you need to start by asking satisfied customers for referrals. Use the e-mail addresses of people who have written Google, Yelp or Facebook reviews, increasing your retention and attracting new clientele. See if family, friends and coworkers have any suggestions for auto repair; search local business directories for an auto repair shop; swap business cards with other similar local businesses (gyms or salons). You can build additional referrals by giving things away. Maybe you give away car washes or discount parts to build out your business and draw in new customers.

Check Online Reviews

For instance, one can find several review sites for shops where customers can recommend (or complain about) their experience at these shops. Shoppers can use this feedback to gauge whether a shop is worth the time and money. shops need to show certifications of technicians to customers visible. Mechanic with several certificates or a member of AAA’s Auto Repair program are considered more knowledgeable than mechanics without these qualifications about car issues. Establishing a relationship with an independent shop could mean that regular maintenance visits would give a mechanic a chance to know your car and its service schedule, which ‘may lessen your surprise repairs, and also probably lessen your [scope of] future service’, as Ibbotson puts it.

Ask for a Quote

If your car breaks down, it is important to know exactly what is to be done, how long it will take and how much you will owe when a shop provides you with a quote. An honest mechanic will always give a phone estimate, and there are some shops that just really have to be insisted on. And, some car repair places provide financing; they take car repairs because the customer doesn’t have the cash upfront, with the promise of repayment. I would caution to watch out for these financing options, as the interest rates tend to be very high; they can make a small job into a large one very quickly. Make sure that the place specialises in your brand of car, so that they know about the specific problems you might have, and they can have everything they need at there.

Look for Certifications

Ideal car repair shops will advertise their certifications and other information on their websites. Also, you can check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against the shop for previous poor service. Watch for how long any given employee has been working at your shop, because high turnover often signals employee unhappiness with the way the shop is ran, or with the boss. Check that the mechanic is certified by confirming with ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). Ask about warranties on the work, and shop around to get a fair price. CR’s Car Repair Assistant can help you out with all this.

Check Out the Location

Bad mechanics can hurt your cash flow, bring on migraines and increased utility bills, so take your time before a mechanic puts pen to paper. You should google an auto repair shops in your area and check their reviews, because some of them may be fakes. Look for shops displaying blue-and-white ASE certifications with technicians trained in specific technical areas. Check whether your type of car is one they work on regularly. Specialist shops who tend to work on certain brands will normally have access to newer equipment, as well as a good deal more expertise in diagnosing conditions more quickly. Ask, too, whether the garage has a warranty/guarantee – some will offer limited warranties for the work, while others may offer more robust assurances.

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