Types of Trucks in the Trucking Industry

A truck or lorry is an extremely versatile motor vehicle designed primarily to transport heavy loads, carry goods, or perform other non-trucking functions. Trucks range greatly in size, horsepower, and configuration, though the majority of trucks feature straight body-on-frame design, with an unassisted cabin only comprising of the payload part of the vehicle itself. Trucks are most often used for transporting goods, though they can also be used for multiple different tasks. These include such diverse activities as mining, extracting minerals and oil from the ground, construction, road and bridge construction, personal or household transportation, and a wide variety of farming activities. The U.S. transportation industry relies on the use of trucks and lorries to provide an array of transportation services.

One of the most common types of trucks and lorries being used in the UK today are articulated vehicles used for unloading and loading of goods at land-based centers. These goods include food, perishable goods, factory produced goods, and general merchandise. An example of this type of truck or lorry would be a van, which is utilized to move both goods and passengers within the same truck and towing system. Other examples of this would be a flatbed semi-trailer, which can transport goods over long distances with the use of a flat bed and a series of hooks and pallet straps.

Another type of heavy-duty truck is the Class A, which is the largest classification in the United Kingdom. Class A trucks and vehicles are able to carry a maximum of 5 tons, although these limits do vary depending upon the manufacturer and particular model. Some of the most popular vehicles in the UK classified as heavy-duty trucks include the Peterloo, articulated van, double cab van, council delivery van, and the standard pick up truck. Trucks fall into different categories based upon their model, including towable, stationery, low-boy, box, four-wheel drive and six-wheel drive trucks.

Box trucks are generally known as flatbed trucks because they have a bed that contains a variety of boxes. Most of these boxes are situated on the frame of the bed, but there are also some that rest on a hitch. The most commonly seen box truck is called a box trailer, which is able to haul both light and heavy loads. The most common uses for these trailers include transporting freight and equipment, carrying goods in urban areas, and hauling manufactured goods from the manufacturer directly to customers.

Fortrucks, on the other hand, are smaller in size than box trucks. Fortrucks are generally referred to as flatbeds, although this specific term is not commonly used in the United Kingdom. Instead, this type of truck is usually referred to as a tractor. Some examples of this type of truck include big trucks, utility trucks, and street cleaners.

Although it was a major development for the trucking industry, flatbed trailers are still used by truck drivers today because they are a cost-effective solution to hauling heavy loads. Flatbeds can be used to haul both light and heavy loads because of their versatility. In addition, this type of truck is also easy to drive and maintain, making it popular for new truck drivers. Flatbed truck designs are constantly being improved so that the driver can make the safest use of his vehicle.

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