Upgrade Your Ride With the Latest Bike Accessories and Gadgets

Give the cyclist in your life something extra without breaking the bank. From on-the-go accessories to safety features, upgrades will make them feel like new riders.

Give them an easily concealed multitool with this Barrel Bag from Walnut Studiolo – conveniently hidden under their handlebars! Additionally, this unique bike accessory comes equipped with different covers to meet any style and taste preferences.

1. Loam Grips

Grips are one of the easiest bike components to upgrade and are often considered one of the most essential. As your main point of contact between handlebar and hands, grippy grips provide additional control while helping reduce fatigue during long mountain trail rides.

PNW Components developed these grips using their “Happy Camper” compound, a comfortable yet firm gripping material designed to absorb vibrations and keep hands feeling relaxed over rugged terrain.

These grips feature water-shedding fins to wick away moisture, and an anti-microbial pattern with thin and wavy patterns near the brake levers to maximize traction, followed by thicker mountain looking designs on your palm and fingers for support and structure when riding. Beefing up this outer zone combats compound degradation while providing superior vibration damping properties while accommodating for extra body weight pressing down during riding sessions.

2. TrolleyTote

Cycling accessories can make all the difference when it comes to safety, comfort and convenience on a ride. These tech-savvy gifts make an ideal present for cyclists who value cutting edge tech combined with their beloved sport.

This bicycle mirror attaches securely to your forearm so you can quickly see behind without having to turn your head. Plus, its weatherproof construction makes it ideal for rainy or snowy rides!

This lightweight horn makes communicating with other road users and increasing visibility during night rides easy, and enhances night visibility. Rechargeable via USB, it’s easily installed onto your bike for use! Perfect for kids tracking top speeds and distances. Comes complete with multi-functional LCD display screen for display purposes.

3. Glowing Visibility Lightstick

Bookman Visibility, a Stockholm-based company dedicated to visibility products, created this sleek light stick to effectively illuminate traffic. Featuring multiple programs (high, medium and low), easily selectable with its push button interface; as well as an on/off switch attached at its base, this lighting solution effectively lights the way.

Mount it easily onto D-shaped or round seatposts using its rubber ladder strap and use USB-C for charging; its replaceable battery features high, mid, and low power settings for efficient usage.

Give the techy cyclist in your life something they’ll really enjoy this holiday season: bike accessories that elevate their riding experience! From useful tools that help conquer challenging terrain to stylish gear they’ll show off on every pedal stroke, these gadgets will elevate every pedal stroke!

4. U-Lock

Locks are essential accessories for bicycle riders. U- and D-locks make great options because they are easy to carry while also offering excellent security.

Based on your needs, u-locks come in various varieties that protect both wheels and frame as well as seat and handlebars. The ideal lock will have an outer diameter between 16-18 mm that can withstand bolt cutters or leverage attacks from thieves.

Some u-locks feature an awesome frame mount feature to prevent them from shifting or falling off while riding, plus they’re relatively lightweight compared to some other u-locks; you can wear or store them away in their provided frame mount for easy transport.

5. Hovding

Bicycle riding can be beneficial to both body and environment, yet can be hazardous. Swedish company Hovding has come up with an innovative solution to keep cyclists safe. Their new product, an airbag helmet worn around the neck with sensors monitoring for any abnormal movements or falls will activate an inflated airbag for head protection if detected.

The airbag resembles a hood, covered in waterproof material. The collar zips securely around wearer’s neck, with multiple shell designs available to customize its look. Bluetooth connectivity enables smartphone connection; app shows battery level status and firmware updates; also has an emergency contact function in case of accidents.

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