A Great Alternative to SUVs

Citroen C4 is one of the most trusted names in personal care products. This is a product that can be used for the men and women of all ages to regain a youthful look and feel good about themselves. The new C4 range from Citroen is designed specifically to help revitalize and regenerate the body and face with the all natural ingredients of this product. With the new range of C4 products from Citroen, you are sure to find a solution to your beauty issues. There are four categories of C4 facelift.

The first is the Citroen C4 Dallas, which is the original and the most reliable model. This model offers a full body makeover along with facelift treatments that provide both neck and face enhancement. The innovative process which is used in C4 Dallas includes the use of Botox and Collagen injections in the areas which need it. This is an advanced procedure that makes this type of C4 pallas a preferred choice among people who desire for a youthful look and feel.

The second is the Citroen C4 Pacific. This is another successful product which helps in revamping the overall appearance of an individual. It comes with a complete face lift, which includes the neck region. It boasts of the innovative C4 technology that uses the advanced laser beam to revive wrinkles and fine lines giving the skin a more radiant glow and appearance. The Pacific also boasts of a 0 62 mph performance and is one of the most powerful C4 sedans available in the market.

The third is the Citroen C4 Supercharged. This is a great compact model which offers effective facelift and neckline renewal in a very short span of time. The innovative rotary screw technology helps in revamping the appearance and size of the auto which is a perfect fit for any kind of vehicle whether a sedan version or a SUV. This car offers the best of services at a very reasonable price and does not fail to amaze the viewers with its brilliant outlook and performance. The Supercharged also promises a comfortable ride and unsurpassed value for money.

The fourth is the Citroen C4 Tour. This is an automobile which is equipped with superior quality and performance that can easily be noticed in any sort of occasion whether a leisure trip or a business outing. This model features a rear view C-VR, which makes it easier for those who like to watch TV on the back seat. The powerful engine and the advanced transmissions help the supercharged car to maintain a strong performance even when driven aggressively.

The fifth and the final is the Citroen C4 Premier. This is a high performance sedan, which is the perfect choice if you wish to make a lasting impression on your guests as well as on your own self. It comes with a very refined and sophisticated design and with features such as a 5.1-inch touchscreen, which is located in the centre of the instrument panel. The Citroen C4 Premier features a high quality interior with leather and fabric upholstery, which is very comfortable to use. The powerful engine and the all new torque system help the vehicle to perform excellently.

The best thing about this new model is that it comes with the Pilot Assist and the Vehicle Stability Assist options which are a real help for novice drivers who do not know much about driving. This Citroen C4 comes with two airbags as standard in both the front and the back, which provide adequate safety levels. This Citroen has been manufactured using the new generation fuel-saving technologies which helps to save fuel considerably and reduce the emission levels to a great extent.

This is one of the first Chinese vehicles to feature the gasoline engines in their line up of vehicles. With a capacity of around 2.3 litres each, the capacity of this particular car is quite reasonable when compared to some of the major brands that feature diesel engines in their offerings. However, despite being a mid-sized vehicle, the power of this particular engine range is top class and is very powerful. The C4l has the capacity to support a variety of gear changes and is available in the two wheelbase as well as the four-wheelbase versions. Even though this car comes with all the standard features of an SUV, it does not feel cramped or underpowered as some of its competitors in the diesel markets have done.

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