My Experience With Citroen C3

The Citroen C3 is a well-proven model that has seen great success in the UK car market over the last few years. The brand has recently expanded into other markets such as Mexico and Australia. Many people are under the impression that because Citroen is a small company that it doesn’t have the financial muscle to produce a top quality sports car. However, this simply isn’t true. In fact, they have several different models which all enjoy good sales.

This means that their engineers are constantly trying to improve on existing models. One of their latest creations is the Citroen C3 hatchback. This is the latest hatchback offered by the brand. The C3 is very popular among families. As the name suggests, the hatchback type vehicle seats four people tightly. The C3 also offers a trunk space, which is great for luggage and other smaller items.

One of the major complaints about the older Citroen c3 hatchbacks was that the seats were often a little hard to bend. With the new C3 however, this problem is solved. The seats now swivel in a way that makes it much easier for you to bend over the seat and for you to move it around. They also come with a higher and lower back. All of this ensures that you can comfortably recline in the back of the vehicle.

The majority of Citroen C3’s are rear entry. This means that they offer very limited leg room. That is not something that many people like. Thankfully, Citroen has produced a number of options that address this issue. The side mirrors are very cleverly placed on the vehicles so as to ensure that you have plenty of visibility when backing up.

Another complaint about the old Citroen c3 hatchbacks was that they were little smaller than modern day superminis and convertibles. By introducing a new line of convertible superminis, the company hoped to remedy this. This means that the supermini now has the same roomy interior as the c3. The main difference however is that the rear doors of these new supermini’s no longer pivot open. This change however does not affect the safety of the vehicle.

Rather, what this means is that you no longer need to worry about getting the rear door of your SUV opened to let the dog out. With the new Cactus hatchback model though, you can. It all comes down to personal preference and how much space you need inside your vehicle. You can choose from five petite folding seats, or seven, or even nine seats depending on the number of passengers in your group. The latter will allow you to place your small children in the back while still being able to drive. It will also allow you to fit two adults in the front if there are three or four adults in your group.

A gearbox upgrade for your Cactus C3 isn’t something to get too excited about though. There is an automatic transmission available for purchase. What this means is that your dog will be able to enjoy a smoother transition between walking and running thanks to smoother gears and fewer gear errors. The downside to this change is that the prices of these transmission upgrades will vary greatly. Thankfully though, these are relatively small items that won’t break the bank.

The best way to see all of these changes in a vehicle is to take a test drive with your personal Citroen c3. Chances are, you will fall in love with the compact, luxurious feel of these vehicles. Not only that, but there are multiple side mirrors included so you can see behind you. For the price that you paid for your new Cactus C3, it’s hard to beat the ride and convenience that you’ll receive.

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