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A bike is simply a pedal-powered, two-wheeled machine typically used for transportation. Bikes can range from the simple pleasure and leisure bike used by people on their way to work to the mass-produced bikes that are made for professional racing. Bikes are also referred to as a moped, motorbikes or even scooters. When used for transportation they are usually equipped with pedals.

The standard bike usually has a seat on a two-wheel frame with a crank on the front wheel and a handlebar on the rear. There are two main types of bikes – touring bikes and utility bikes. Touring bikes have longer and higher handlebars are often replaced with handlebars fitted with modern single-minded handles. Most touring bikes feature built-in suspension for smooth rides over rough terrain. Utility bikes, on the other hand, have short lower frames with low-profile tires and spindle units at the front and rear wheels. They are best used for light recreational activities such as walking or shopping.

There are two major types of bicycles. One is the conventional “regular road bike” and the other is the special purpose or racing bicycles. Regular road bikes are similar to regular bikes but have more gear ratio than the normal bicycles. The gears are opposite in order to help the cyclist go faster over long distances.

The first type of bicycle, the regular road bike, is a sturdy and reliable bicycle usually made of steel. It has a regular frame and is relatively light. A number of manufacturers produce this type of bike. They are available in various styles such as touring, commuter, hybrid and mountain bike. Mountain bikes are heavier than the average commuter bike and are suitable for those who want to commute to work and for those who like to cycle for recreation.

The second type of bicycle is the special purpose bicycle, or the mountain bike. It is heavier than the average road bike and usually fitted with better suspension and tires for greater speed capabilities. Special purpose bicycles are suited to mountain biking and have gears and brakes designed for the rough terrain. Some of these bicycles have special sections for handle bars and gears. A cruiser bike is another name for mountain bike.

All of these bikes have one thing in common. They can be categorized into urban and motorized bikes. The difference between them is that the former have front wheel and brake lights whereas the latter have a horn that signals to the rider that the wheels have come to a stop. Motorized bikes can be ridden indoors and outdoors without the risk of traffic laws being broken since they run on electric energy derived from the bikes pedals. For riders who like speedy convenience, the motorized road bikes are the perfect choice.

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