A Review of the Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Himalayan is a new Indian motorcycle touring bike made by Royal Enfield, founder of the Enfield brand. The Himalayan was first launched in February last year and is the second in the series of Enfield motorcycles after the High Performance motorcycle range. The Himalayan features an all-weather body kit and its chopper-style handlebars have been designed with the same design inspiration as its famous predecessor. The Himalayan’s main competitor is the Honda Motorcycle. Despite being smaller in size, the Himalayan offers almost similar riding experience to that of the Honda.

The new bike uses an advanced technology called Customisability that allows the bike to be tailored to each customer’s needs. The most distinctive feature of this technology is the use of a flexible neck sheet that attaches to the seat. This eliminates the need for a back seat. Customers can adjust the headrest of their Royal Enfield Himalayan to any angle they wish while riding.

Although it has been manufactured for off-road use only, the Royal Enfield Himalayan can also be used on streets. The standard version is priced at nearly Rs 6 lakh (Rs 5.4 lakh including tax) and is available in three models – the Deluxe, Enfield Super Deluxe and Super Classic. The standard bike comes with a front tank, twin pipes exhaust system, dual shock absorbers, comfortable seats and a leather and suede dashboard. Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Classic also contain all the same features as the standard model but are available with added options such as classy bumpers, front and rear cowling, side skirts, front and rear mud guards, front and rear fog lights, license plate frame, chrome finish, HID headlights, LED taillights and rear view mirror. The bike comes with a warranty card.

The Himalayan can be used for many purposes. People can choose to use it for long distance travel or weekend trips. They can mountain bike it, cruise it or just ride it on the weekends in the nearby hills. It is suitable both for people who are new to off-road riding and those who have experience in off-road and dirt biking. The durability of the bike is another reason why it remains popular with all kinds of riders.

A tripper is a smaller version of the Himalayan. Like the Himalayan, the tripper also comes with a front tank, windscreen, rear cowling, two mirrors, leather and suede dashboard, a comfortable seat and throttle linkage. The tripper is built on a lightweight frame and does not weigh more than 9 kg. The Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Classic series are available in single or twin cylinder varieties. These three models are priced between Rs 11000 and Rs 15000.

Another version of this motorcycle is the Mini Himalayan which is a very small version of the standard model. It is almost as light as the Himalayan but weighs only 110kg. This miniature version features all the same parts as the standard version but is packaged in a smaller body. It has a single kick throttle and can reach a speed of thirty-seven kilometers per hour. Even though it only weighs half as much as the Himalayan it still has all the cool qualities of a great motorcycle – easy handling, good gas mileage, superb performance and strong torque.

The Royal Enfield Triplock is a bike that is very different from the normal motorcycle and even sets a new market record for the largest motorcycle by volume. This bike is a standard design that features a triple pipe exhaust system. It has been designed to work as efficiently as possible when racing. This makes it the best choice for trippers who want an affordable, reliable and efficient motorcycle. The tripper also features a rear-wheel drive that makes it very practical for those who don’t want to put too much effort into their racing endeavors.

Although this bike has many of the same characteristics as a normal Himalayan, it is a little different because of its engine. Instead of the usual two-cylinder engine, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has a three-cylinder engine. This makes it a lot easier to handle and increases the bike’s speed even more. It has also been fitted with a fuel tank that is twenty-one inches in length. This tank helps reduce weight even further and makes the bike very stable at high speeds. As you can see, this bike has everything that a tripper needs and is a very good value for money.

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