Solar-Powered Motorbike

If you have ever wanted to ride a solar-powered motorbike, this might be your chance. This project was created by Subhomoy Biswas. The goal of the project is to develop a life-size prototype of a solar-powered motorbike. The clamshell structure helps optimize the surface area of the solar panels without making the bike too bulky. The panels on the motorbike cover 3.1 square meters of surface when it’s stopped, and can store enough energy to travel 20 kilometers at fifty kilometers per hour. Another key feature of the solar-powered motorbike is the brushless motor that is placed in the axle of the wheel.

Samuel Aboagye, a 17-year-old from Ghana, has been working on the electric motorbike he calls his “SolarBike.” The bike has a Bluetooth connection for his phone, which makes it convenient for him to take calls while riding. It also has working lights and brakes. The project has gained international attention after an Instagram post by a passerby. He also shared the story of the project with his followers, and the story of this young man’s efforts has spread across the internet.

Subhomoy’s solar bike has already won the West Bengal Science Fair, and his vision may soon become a reality. After getting approval from the government, he hopes to put the solar bike into operation. But until then, it will be some time before the idea will reach the market. If it works out, it will make it easier for Afghans to travel around the country. So, why wait for the dream to become a reality?

The concept vehicle, called SunRed, is a proof of concept. It can be purchased and used by people in other countries, including the United States. The SunRed will serve as a benchmark for solar applications in vehicles. This electric motorcycle could even be a practical way to commute to work or school in cities. You will be able to feel good about the environmental impact while riding it, and the bike will be the best option to use if you’re in the city.

The Lightening SuperBike is only good for about 100 miles of highway travel, but it’s a massive improvement on its predecessors that could only cover 50 miles without recharging. In addition to its versatility in urban settings, this motorbike is also ideal for riding in the wilderness. However, if you’re not a fan of wildlife and don’t want to spend too much money on your e-bike, this solar-powered vehicle can be a great option.

Reddy’s mission is to inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. He has completed three European countries and part of the West Coast in 139 days. His solar-powered e-bike covered 11,811 kilometers and cut his manpower by half. He also hopes to raise awareness about the benefits of solar energy and clean energy through his travels. This journey reflects his passion for clean energy and solar energy. It’s an exciting project for those who want to change the way they live.

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