Bike Taxi Booking Apps in Asia

Bike taxi booking apps are becoming increasingly popular in Asia. They provide travelers with a cost-effective and convenient alternative to cars.

Bicycle taxi apps allow passengers to request a ride by providing details of their pickup and drop points. A nearby biker will then pick them up, providing them with a helmet during the journey.


Gojek is an Indonesian ride-sharing platform that also provides food delivery and parcel delivery services. Its Super App boasts dozens of services similar to western competitors like Uber, and the company is rapidly expanding into other parts of Southeast Asia.

It offers over 20 services and various payment methods. To integrate all these components onto their app, the company utilizes in-house services, third-party APIs, and formal partnerships.

The Gojek app offers users a host of useful features, including the ability to report feedback while on a ride. This handy feature helps customers feel secure about sharing their experiences with the company.

Gojek is an ideal option for travelers in Indonesia, offering motorbike taxis as a quick and hassle-free way to get around most cities. They may be expensive, but they’re incredibly fast and user-friendly – plus, you can save money by booking multiple rides at once!


Rapido is India’s leading bike taxi booking app, available in 90+ cities. It provides users with the fastest and most budget-friendly way to book a bike taxi for their daily commute.

For an even smoother experience, the app is available in your native language and helps you save frequently visited locations as Favorites to get there quickly. Plus, it provides live tracking so you can monitor your ride from when you request it until your driver arrives.

Similar to popular ridesharing apps like Uber and Ola, BikeTaxi requires drivers to own a 100cc bike, have an appropriate two-wheeler license, vehicle registration certificate, and insurance for the motorcycle.

Rapido leverages Google Cloud for onboarding new captains, verifying their documents within minutes and speeding up customer requests. Furthermore, Cloud Vision AI tracks safety of both captains and customers – helping the organization meet demands for speedy response times with customer-centric service at its core.


Uber is a ride-sharing app that connects riders with drivers. Available on iOS and Android devices, users can request rides for themselves or other passengers through the app.

When a user requests a ride, the app displays options with vehicle size, price and estimated dropoff time. The rider reviews each option before selecting one that works best for him.

Riders confirm the trip by checking the license plate and other details of the driver’s vehicle. The app sends a notification when their car is approximately one minute away from being picked up at their designated location.

Additionally, it displays the pickup address, destination and payment method. Riders may also share their trip status with friends and family via the Send Status feature.

Any taxi booking app should offer features to enhance passengers’ experience. For instance, riders should be able to rate the driver and provide feedback on his performance so other users can decide whether or not they want to book with this particular driver.


If you’re searching for a way to save time and money while traveling in cities, Ola is an ideal solution. This speedy app enables users to book taxis, bikes or Auto Rickshaws within minutes of downloading it.

This app boasts a host of useful features, such as booking management, bike dispatch tracking, payment transactions and user queries/issues. Furthermore, an inbuilt tariff estimator ensures transparent costing/pricing.

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